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From: Chris The Dj
Subject: force phil pt.1Bill and John were two college students that had gone to high school
together this like many other nights ended up in watching hours of movies
and playing video games. They were at Bill's parents house since Bill
stayed there while dutch preteens there was no school during summer. It was about three
in the morning when Bill remembered he had to take his Mom to the airport
because she had a flight at five. When she had awoken Bill took her for
the hour drive to the airport.John was about to head to bed when he had to go to the bathroom. But the
guest bathroom had a note on the door indian sex preteen
" do not use", so he went into Bill's
parent's room to take a piss. After he had relieved himself he heard the
loud snoring of Bill's Dad Phil. He walked over to him and pulled back the
covers. THere laid a 54 year old man in his boxers in a very deep sleep.
John knew Bill was a heavy sleeper but was not sure about his Dad. So he
lightly rubbed Phil's smoothe chest. Nothing. Not a sound. Not a reaction
of any kind. So John got an idea.He went to the garage and gathered a few obejects and returned to Phil.
John quickly took off his clothes and tied a string to his boxers creating
a gag. He then proceeded to roll Phil on his stomache. Still no response."This is going to be too much fun." John thought.He then slowley tied Phil's feet together, and then his hands together. He
then sat on Phil's back and quickley gagged Phil."If you struggle it will just make it much more painful for you." John
whispered and Phil awoke slowley and disoriented.When he realized what was happening he began to yell. But it was all
muffled out. John then turned around and grabbed the bottom of Phil's
boxers. He started to pull tighter and tighter as Phil's nuts preteen cum mpegs
and cock
were being crushed by the fabric. Phil screamed again and stopped when the
boxers ripped and were then torn off.John then grabbed Phil's nuts behind his legs and let them rest between his
ass and hamstrings. John then moved his knees up Phil's back to hold him
down and laid flat positioning his mouth next to Phil's awaiting ass and
ballsack. He spred Phil's cheecks and began by swallowing his balls. Phil
started to moan and become hard as it pressed aginst the bed. John with
Phil's preteen cum mpegs balls still in his mouth slid his tounge into the crevase of preteens naked jpg Phil's
ass. Phil started to shiver with pleasure. When John thought it was
enough he let the nuts plop out of his mouth and got up to roll Phil
over. In shock Phil had no control and was not resisting anymore.John grabbed the things from the grage and put them on the empty space of
the bed. He then sat on Phil's chest and pulled the gag off."Why are you doing this?" Phil asked with some worry."Shhhhh" John replied as he once again turned aound but this time spread
his own cheeks and sat on Phil's face. Now return the favor. As he waited
he grabbed some clothes pins and a fly swatter. John then clamped Phils
nipples and ordered Phil to return the favor. Still there was no reply
from Phil's tounge so John slapped his pugy stomach and Phil's tounge went
deep into John's ass."Good. Sorry didn't want to have to hurt you." He said with a smile. He
then twisted the clothes pins till they snapped off."AAAAAAHHHHHHHH" PHil muffled into John's ass.John started to rub Phil's smoothe chest and got up. He got on all fours
and placed his hard candid pictures preteens 7 inch cock on the tip of Phil's mouth."I won't make you suck my dick, but if you get the urge feel free." He
said as he took Phil's 6 inches almost all at once. John's dick started to
pre cum as the head rested on Phil's lower lip. The liquid seeped into
Phil's mouth as he slowley opened and licked John's head. John preteens semi nude
lowered his
cock into Phil's mouth and shoved his thum up Phil's ass.Phil's thighs tighted at the pain. But the pleasure he was getting from
John's mouth overwhelmed him. When John had three fingers in Phil's ass he
knew he was ready. He got up and untied Phil's feet."What's going on," Phil asked now wanting more of what John was doing to
him."You will see." John replied. Lubed up both his and Phils ass with
vasoline preteen grils nonude as he grabbed a hammer. John got on Phil's rock hard cock and
faced away sex fuck preteen
from Phil."Fuck me hard." John orderd. As Phil started to thrust. John then put his
feet between Phil's thighs and spread Phils legs. As he placed the bottom
of the hammer on Phil's ass hole Phil slowed down."I don't think that's a good idea." Phil said with a hint of fear but some
excitment.As John pushed the hammer in Phil fucked John's ass even harder."That's too much." Phil pleaded. as it went in pass four inches. Then
reaching five, six , seven."John please." John then stopped and started to spin the head of the
hammer. The feeling cause Phil to cum inside John As russian preteen creampies
John pulled the hammer out
and spun on Phil's dick, Phil's body shook in ecstasy. John then Shot his
load all over Phil's chest and face. He laid on him and licked the cum off
of his chest spending extra time on the sore nipples. Then rubbed his dick
aginst Phil's as Phil made a move to kiss John their mouths met and Phil
tasted cum for the first time.
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